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Are you a homeowner in search of the perfect home, but are confused about the different options available when it comes to home financing? Are you aware that there are numerous options available for homebuyers that can connect you with valuable financial resources? At Golden Empire Mortgage (GEM) we have the perfect tool to help you target those hard to find financial resources, and assist you in achieving home ownership.

Our GEM Down Payment Assistance Search Tool helps homeowners move through the process of being a prospecting homebuyer to becoming a qualified homebuyer. The GEM Down Payment Assistance Search Tool does this by connecting the prospecting homebuyer with down payment assistance programs and funds that a majority of prospects are unaware of.

At GEM, we not only strive to assist prospecting homebuyers with their home financing needs, but we also have the technology to match available homes and real estate with qualified buyers, and take things one step further by matching those qualified buyers with homeownership programs - through the GEM Down Payment Assistance Search Tool.

How do we achieve this? The answer is simple, through developing strategic partnerships. The GEM Down Payment Assistance Search Tool has strategic partnerships with:

  • Housing Finance Agencies
  • Realtors
  • Home Builders
  • Down Payment Resources

The GEM Down Payment Assistance Search Tool can help you discover the available programs and provide you with your dreams of homeownership so don’t wait, access our system today.

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